March 26, 2013

Fit For a Rockstar

It's been far too long since my first {Un}Real Estate post and I am just itching to share some more ridiculous real estate eye candy with you, so without further ado I present a NYC penthouse fit for a rock-star.  Literally...

Bon Jovi's NYC Penthouse

7,452 sq. ft. duplex ~ 5 bedrooms ~ 5.5 baths
Floor-to-ceiling windows ~ 360 degree views
Located in SoHo

All for $42 million!  Not exactly affordable, but for a millionaire who could handle that splurge, it would be money well spent.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a home like this?!?!  Talk about the perfect setting for a Bed of Roses.  If I lived here, nobody could tell me not to go home!  But although I try to keep the faith that one day we'll win the Powerball {like this lucky NJ man!}, for now I guess we'll hold on to what we got while livin' on a prayer for that winning lotto ticket and a penthouse with these views!  ;)  {Can you tell I'm a big Bon Jovi fan?!}

Thanks for stopping by to drool over {Un}Real Estate with me!

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March 15, 2013

Seasonal Steals

Like many of you out there, I just LOVE me a good deal.  That's one {of many!} reasons why I get excited about the changing seasons -- it's a great opportunity to score big savings on seasonal items.  Here are a couple examples:

This pair of leather boots retails for $250 at, but I got myself a pair in February for only $80.99!  {WOWZERS, that's 68% off!}

Enzo Angiolini Gregie Tall Boots

And, for those outfits that work better with a short boot, I picked these up from Shoebuy for only $23.99 {regularly $89.95, that's 74% off}!

A2 by Aerosoles Playaway in Faux Suede

Unfortunately, although it's mid-March it's still freezing in NY so I've gotten some good use out of my new boots, even though I bought them late in the season!  I've also gotten a lot of use from the new down coat I treated myself to...

Patagonia Down With It Parka in Prussian Blue

I wouldn't consider this a super bargain, but it was on sale for 40% off on Zappos and I just LOVE the color!  Considering I got 7 great years of use from my other down coat {the white one seen here} and the forecast is calling for yet another snow fall this weekend, I'm sure I'll get my money's worth out of this pretty blue coat.  ;)

And finally, here's a pair of sunglasses that retail for $159, which I scored for only $19.99 {87% off} through an online sale website called Smart Bargains.

Oleg Cassini Sunglasses

... although at this point summer sun is a very distant dream.  Yes, I've been quite the shopper this winter.  What can I say -- some people eat their way through winter; I shop through it.  ;)

So tell me, what seasonal steals have you scored???  I love celebrating a good bargain, so please do share!!!

March 12, 2013

Charity Spotlight: Be The Match

Did you know that there are several forms of life-threatening blood cancers in existence today (including leukemia, lymphoma & sickle cell anemia) that can be successfully treated, allowing patients to live long and healthy lives?  Unfortunately, thousands of people of all ages are diagnosed with these blood cancers each year and 70% of these cancer patients do not have a marrow match in their families.  For a successful transplant, each patient needs a matching donor.  Without bone marrow or cord blood transplants from a matching donor, these patients could die.

The good news is that there are individuals and agencies out there that are working hard to save lives.  The National Marrow Donor Program is a nonprofit organization that operates the Be The Match Registry, the world’s largest listing of potential marrow donors and donated cord blood units.  Their registry contains 20.5 million donors and more than 590,000 cord blood units.  The program raises funds to help provide transplants to all patients through the Be The Match Foundation, matches patients with donors, educates health care professionals, and conducts research so more lives can be saved.

I am a member of the Be The Match Registry, and hope you'll consider joining, too.  Read more information about joining the registry here, and click here to join.  Need some more inspiration before signing up?  Click here to read about 3 year old cancer patient Ben's success story.  Registering is as easy as some paperwork and a cheek swab, and takes less than 10 minutes. Patients are most likely to match someone who shares their ancestry, so it's important that all races and ethnic backgrounds are represented in the registry.  Donors never pay to donate marrow and they are pre-screened to ensure their health and safety prior to any transplants.

By joining the Be The Match Registry, you'd be committing to:
  • Be listed on the registry until your 61st birthday, unless you ask to be removed
  • Consider donating to any searching patient who matches you
  • Keep the organization updated if your address changes, you have significant health changes or you change your mind about being a donor
  • Respond quickly if you are contacted as a potential match for a patient

It's important to note that even after you register, you have the right to change your mind about being a donor at any time.  Donating is always voluntary.

I hope you'll consider joining me as a member of the Be The Match Registry.  If you'd like to help in a different way, I urge you to make a financial donation that will allow Be The Match to save lives or register here for a local fundraising walk+run.  No gift is too small, and since the National Marrow Donor Program is a charitable organization, your donations are tax deductible.  Please take a few minutes today to help save a life -- you won't regret it!

So, are there any readers out there familiar with this agency's work?  I want to hear from you if you've signed up to join the registry or have made a monetary donation to help fight blood cancers!

Note: I am a registered marrow donor and a financial supporter, but am otherwise not involved with this organization and have not been paid or asked by Be The Match to write this post.  This is one of many charities whose mission I believe in, and I merely wanted to do my part to rally support for their cause.  Thanks for reading!

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March 5, 2013

Delicious Love Dinner

I am the luckiest girl in the world.  Why, you ask?  Because on February 14th, I came home from work to this:

As I mentioned, Valentine's Day marked 5 years since Shep popped the question.  While the "day of Cupid" will always have a special place in my heart because of our engagement story, this year's Valentine's Day surprise dinner was one I'll never forget!  Shep really outdid himself with the incredible gourmet dinner he prepared for me as a surprise!  I mean it when I say that the delicious meal my hubby prepared rivaled those we enjoyed at several Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris.  Seriously... I do NOT joke about food!

The delectable menu consisted of:

Bacon Biscuits
{Recipe Inspiration}
Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mustard Wine Sauce
{Recipe Inspiration}
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
{Recipe Inspiration}
and steamed asparagus {although unfortunately it looks like I didn't got a solo shot of the greens so please use your imagination!}.

Because I'm apparently obsessed with food photography, let's take a look at the whole plate ensemble {<--- imagine me pronouncing that word with a really bad French accent}, shall we?

And here's a view of the set table... fancy wedding china and all!  Très magnifique!!!

{click photo to enlarge}
{Cutest. Waiter. EVER.}

... and because no meal is complete without dessert...

Chocolate & Nutella-dipped Strawberries with Crunchies
{Recipe Inspiration}

Thank you, Chef Shep, for one of the most delicious meals
I've had the pleasure of eating in my entire life!
Just so you know though, the bar is set realllllllly high now for a repeat performance.  ;)

So, readers, is your mouth watering yet???  Mine sure is!  I wish we still had some leftovers to enjoy!  I guess the photos will have to hold me over for now...

March 2, 2013

Happy March!

Wow, I can't believe it's already March!!!  I guess that means we can take down our Christmas wreath...

The cold bitter winter really seemed like it was going to last forever but now that March is here we have Daylight Savings Time, taxes, Easter and SPRING to look forward to!  {Although it did flurry a bit today, which isn't too reassuring.}

Hope you all have a Happy March ahead of you, and a great weekend!