March 15, 2013

Seasonal Steals

Like many of you out there, I just LOVE me a good deal.  That's one {of many!} reasons why I get excited about the changing seasons -- it's a great opportunity to score big savings on seasonal items.  Here are a couple examples:

This pair of leather boots retails for $250 at, but I got myself a pair in February for only $80.99!  {WOWZERS, that's 68% off!}

Enzo Angiolini Gregie Tall Boots

And, for those outfits that work better with a short boot, I picked these up from Shoebuy for only $23.99 {regularly $89.95, that's 74% off}!

A2 by Aerosoles Playaway in Faux Suede

Unfortunately, although it's mid-March it's still freezing in NY so I've gotten some good use out of my new boots, even though I bought them late in the season!  I've also gotten a lot of use from the new down coat I treated myself to...

Patagonia Down With It Parka in Prussian Blue

I wouldn't consider this a super bargain, but it was on sale for 40% off on Zappos and I just LOVE the color!  Considering I got 7 great years of use from my other down coat {the white one seen here} and the forecast is calling for yet another snow fall this weekend, I'm sure I'll get my money's worth out of this pretty blue coat.  ;)

And finally, here's a pair of sunglasses that retail for $159, which I scored for only $19.99 {87% off} through an online sale website called Smart Bargains.

Oleg Cassini Sunglasses

... although at this point summer sun is a very distant dream.  Yes, I've been quite the shopper this winter.  What can I say -- some people eat their way through winter; I shop through it.  ;)

So tell me, what seasonal steals have you scored???  I love celebrating a good bargain, so please do share!!!

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  1. "Hold on, I have to Instagram my boots." -Nicole, December 2012.