October 22, 2012

{Un}Real Estate

Have you ever seen photos of a home that made you drool?  I have.  One of my favorite pass times is perusing photos of well-manicured and expansive homes, most of which I know I'll never live in.  Call me crazy, but the more unrealistic the home the more interesting I find it!  {Here's an example I blogged about this summer.}  These homes are FASCINATING to look at, but totally unattainable for average people, so I decided I'd start a series dedicated to "{Un}Real Estate".  This series will be all about eye candy, so apologies in advance for the superficial nature of the posts if housing eye candy isn't your thing.  :)

And without further ado, let's take a peek at this GORGEOUS beach home located in Virgina Beach, designed by Emily Sheipe{Emily's website is the source for all photos below.}  This is a 3-floor, 12 bedroom, 13.5 bathroom, 9,000 sq ft oceanfront home with a 2,000 sq ft deck!  Wowzers.  And if the below pics strike your fancy, check out even more photos of this beautiful home on Siebert Realty's page here.

Thanks for stopping by to drool over {Un}Real Estate with me!

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