January 31, 2013

Escape to Lenox

A couple weekends ago we escaped to "The Blatnyre" in Lenox, Massachusetts.  We arrived on a Friday night to this beautiful sight:

Upon check-in, we found some treats in our room:

We didn't have much planned for the weekend (except relaxation) but we ended up having a great time!  We enjoyed a gourmet homemade breakfast each morning we were there.  From the whole wheat lemon poppy pancakes to the egg white omelettes -- everything was delicious!  There was hot chocolate, tea and coffee aplenty, plus a small fruit salad and biscuits served with homemade jams!  Delish!

On Saturday afternoon, we took a horse drawn carriage ride through the snow:

Check out this scenery!

The grounds were as blissfully quiet as they were beautiful. After our sleigh ride, we decided to get energetic and go snow shoeing!  It was my first time, and it was not as hard as I expected it to be.  Though my left shoe did fall off twice in one hour and I did temporarily lose my hat in the snow...

We warmed up by one of the fireplaces in the mansion before heading back outdoors to take a few spins on the tennis courts homemade ice rink!

And because no ice skating experience is complete without delicious hot chocolate and HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS (!!!!!, with banana bread!!!!!) we indulged...

The Blantyre offered a complimentary wine tasting to guests on Saturday evening, after which we received a tour of their wine cellar.  Wooo weee!!!  What a collection.  Their collection makes ours look like a few bottles in a cabinet.  Oh, wait...  ;)  After the tour, we listened to some piano music in the Music Room Lounge and then enjoyed a fantastic Chateaubriand dinner pour deux in the formal dining room.

On Sunday, we spent some time at the spa, which was very cozy and relaxing.  After getting our massage on, we headed out to visit The Normal Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge.

And to cap the day off right, since it was past lunch time and getting verrrrry cooooooold, I had to enjoy one of these from a local bakery shop:

All in all, it was a great weekend and the perfect mix of fun and relaxation.  If you ever get the chance, I'd highly recommend spending some time at The Blantyre!

Alas, Monday eventually came and it was back to reality.  But our mini escape definitely made heading back to the office easier.  :)

*All photos are the property of This Is Life At Our Home*

January 18, 2013

To Do Lists

Shep and I are big fans of to-do lists.  We have apartment to-do lists, life to-do lists, vacation to-do lists, hurricane prep to-do lists, and even weekend to-do lists.  For some reason, it seems more fun to spend our free time doing things we don't necessarily want to be doing when we get to check them off a piece of paper as we go.  {Wait a minute, that doesn't sound very fun at all.  We've been duped!}


Last weekend we accomplished a LOT.  We:
  • Wrote a letter to Visa customer service
  • Replaced chandelier bulbs
  • Took photos of defective/damaged items bought online for Christmas
  • Took down all our Christmas decorations and our tree  :(
  • Purchased 2 large bins to store additional Christmas decorations received this year (on clearance at Walmart = score!)
  • Visited our storage unit to put all decorations away and get humidifier out
  • Replaced our HVAC filters
  • Looked up some crock pot recipes
  • Researched (aka stared at pinterest for hours) chaise & settee chairs for fireplace area
  • Looked at some potential entertainment center units to replace our current one
  • Bought tea lights
  • Bought chalk
  • Took our car for oil change/check-up
  • Contacted our realtor to renew the lease for our old apartment
  • Applied some wood polish on some scratches on our wood floors (don't ask!)
  • Purchased a gift for an upcoming event
  • Did 4 loads of laundry (gulp!)
  • Returned some Christmas gift clothing + shoes that didn't fit
  • Laid down new rug purchased for fireplace area
  • Went on a dinner + movie date night!  :)
Phew!  What a busy weekend!  No wonder it flew by.  ;) 

Whatever we don't accomplish one weekend, gets moved to the list for the next weekend.  Hopefully one day our list will look like this:


Until then, a girl can dream!  ;)

Now it's your turn.  What's on YOUR to-do list?