September 30, 2011


Our floors in the new unit are being sanded as we speak!!!  The crew showed up this morning and expect to be working through the weekend to complete the job.  They tested a small area in the hall closet and, although the cherry wood will be refinished slightly lighter than it currently is, Hubby saw the sample patch area and said it will look better than the currently scratched, damaged, and otherwise banged-up floors.  We hope it will turn out well!  Wish us luck!!!

September 26, 2011

Zip'n Steam Giveaway!

The right@home website is giving away a package of Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Microwave Cooking Bags to the first 3,000 people to respond to their offer!  Click here for your chance to enter!

*Terms & Conditions:  First 3,000 people to respond will receive a Healthy-for-Fall Gift Pack. For your chance to receive a gift pack, simply complete all required information on the offer form by September 30, 2011, 11:59:59 p.m. Central Time (CT). Offer available to U.S. residents only. Gift packs available until September 30, 2011, or while supplies last. Only 3,000 gift pages available. Limit: one (1) gift pack per household/address. S.C. Johnson is not liable for any typographical errors in the offer or any illegible, lost, late, damaged, separated, misdirected, incomplete, stolen or non-delivered email or redemption requests. Gift packs will be mailed by November 15, 2011. SC Johnson reserves the right to substitute a giveaway of equal or higher value if current giveaway becomes unavailable. If you have received a gift pack from Right@Home™ in the last 180 days, you are not eligible for this month's offer.

September 24, 2011

Dine at Chili's and support St Jude!

Dine at Chili's on Monday, September 26th and support St. Jude!  Chili's is apparently donating all its net profits from 9/26 to St. Jude, one of my favorite charities.  For more details, click here.  Happy eating!

September 22, 2011

75% off Patio Furniture at Lowe's!

If you're in the market for patio furniture, you should check out!  Their patio furniture is currently 75% off -- wow!

This iron and wood bench is originally $128 on sale for $32!

This black porch glider was originally $155 and is now marked down to $47!  (They also have it in white too for $38.75!)

And this little red set was originally $98 marked down to $24.50!

Now those are some good end-of-summer deals!  Happy shopping!

September 18, 2011

Our New Apt!

Well, it's official.  We bought a new condo and we even have the keys!  Wanna see photos???  We thought you would!  Drum roll please...

Ta-da!!!  We have some painting and fixtures we'd like to replace, so we're not ready to move in yet, but that's it -- our new home!  Leave a comment to let us know what you think!

September 16, 2011


And the saga continues!  Although we signed all closing papers yesterday afternoon, we're missing one key (pun intended) item before we can move into our new home.  The key to the front door!!!

Believe it or not, we have not received the keys to the apartment or the storage closet.  At yesterday's final walk-through, the seller said he'd leave the keys with the doorman.  After we signed the closing papers yesterday afternoon though we came home to find that the doorman did not have the keys to the unit.  Even after all the ink has dried on the contracts, this guy is still causing us stress!  This has definitely got to be one of the most annoying real estate purchases in history.

September 15, 2011

We Closed...Barely

So we got up this morning to do the walk through and Nicole was not feeling well. And by not feeling well I mean one step away from the black plague. Yes, wifey was very ill: fever, vomiting, the chills, you name it! But the show must go on so I did the walk through alone while she rested on the couch (and texted me a few times: "do you want me to come?" "i think I can walk" "can you get me some morphine?"). The walk through was fairly uneventful...seller was supposed to caulk some small cracks in the ceiling of the second bedroom, but "wasn't sure what you meant" so he didn't do it. I literally dragged wifey to the closing at 3:30...she was barely hanging on but managed to sign all of the papers and then go home and collapse on the couch for 14 hours. Suffice it to say, we closed and have a new apartment. Now we just need some medicine for my better half.

September 14, 2011

The Closing

Tomorrow is our final walk through on the new apartment and the closing. The walk through is scheduled for 9 AM and the closing is at 3:30. Wish us luck!

September 13, 2011

Final Inspection

Our final walk through on the new apartment was scheduled for this evening, but we just heard from our realtor that the seller has not yet completed all the repairs needed, so we're rescheduling for Thursday morning.  This is slightly frustrating because we're supposed to close on Thursday afternoon so if there is anything still unfinished by Thursday morning there isn't much time to correct it.  This whole process has been anything but easy, so I'm not that surprised.  Guess we just have to take it in stride and hope for the best!