August 28, 2012

AmEx gift card alert!

Disclaimer:  I have not tested or verified this offer myself, nor am I receiving any financial or other award for sharing this offer.  I'm merely passing on a tip I just saw at one of my favorite blogs, 20somethingfinance.

American Express is currently running a promotion whereby if you order and load at least $200 onto a new American Express pre-paid card before this Friday 8/31, you will receive a bonus $25 gift card.  For more details, click here.

I have received AmEx prepaid cards in the past as gifts or as the form of payment for various product rebate offers, and I can tell you they are as easy to use as a regular credit/debit card.  If you don't mind going through the steps of loading up an AmEx prepaid card with $200 from your bank account, then this sounds like a pretty simple way to score a free $25 AmEx gift card.  But remember, as always, to read the fine print when signing up to ensure there are no sneaky fees involved!  It doesn't appear as if there are any tricks behind this offer, but you can never be too careful!

August 24, 2012

Hair Cut

Today was a pretty ordinary day.  I went to work.   I got a hair cut.  Actually, (as my grandpa used to say) I got them all cut.   ;)   It was a an uneventful salon visit, which is good when you're just looking for a trim.  My experience today was nothing like this hair cut experience:

If you haven't already listened to this interview, it's a real gem.  I listened to it three times last night... and laughed harder each time!  Happy hair cut Friday!

August 10, 2012

Pretty Blooms

Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers, but blue hydrangeas?  Irresistible!  Walking home from work I saw these beautiful blooms at a flower stand and couldn't resist, so I brought them home with me...

Aren't they simply blue-tiful?  :)

What's YOUR favorite flower?  Are you a fan of traditional red roses, colorful carnations, delicate daisies or maybe something more exotic?

August 5, 2012

Midtown Manhattan Mansion

The NYC real estate market is all abuzz about this penthouse that just hit the market.  It's a 6 bedroom, 9 bathroom, 8,000 sq ft triplex penthouse with 3,000 sq ft of terrace space that affords 360 degree views, located only 3 blocks from Central Park.  Oh, did I mention it's listed for ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS?  Wow.  Let's take a look at it!

Granted, the style is not quite what you'd find in a modern issue of a home decor magazine...


But the views are absolutely incredible...


Even though a bit dated, the kitchen is nice -- an open layout with beautiful wood and lots of storage space:

I wish there were more photos contained of the other rooms!  I just love snooping through viewing real estate listings!  :)  How's this for a shameful admission: even though we already own one more condo than we need, I still receive (and actively look through!) the real estate updates we signed up for when we were in the market a year ago!  I can't help myself -- I'm just always so curious as to what's out there and I love seeing how people decorate and stage their homes.  It's a hobby.  :)

Aside from the price tag, what do YOU think of this place?  Way too 90s grandiose or not so bad?  Let's play the "if I had one hundred million dollars" game.... would you buy it or pass in favor of something more modernly styled?

August 1, 2012

West Elm Ice Cream Social

Consider this a public service announcement brought to you by an ice cream lover.  I take no credit for this offer and am receiving no perks from passing it on, except for the satisfaction of knowing I am spreading the joy that is ice cream.  ;)  Enjoy...


Here are the details (via West Elm's blog):

Visit 1 of these 10 west elm stores on Saturday, August 4th from 1pm – 3pm and a store associate will gladly hand you a coupon for a free treat.