December 27, 2012

Blanket Wars

It's winter.  It's cold outside and snowing.

You hate it.  We do too.

Fighting to get to work in 25 degree weather (don't forget to subtract for wind chill!) while it's sleeting is one of the worst battles a person can face. Even if you finally get there, yay, time to work for 8 hours!  But there is another, more discrete battle that winter brings.  It is the Eternal Battle of The Sleeping Blankets.

Let me explain: each night, my wife and I go to sleep in the same bed. Then the fighting really begins. We fight over the blankets. We do this while we are both completely unconscious. We go to bed with covers neatly tucked in, as if the hotel maid just finished tidying up. When we awake, it's like a heard of water buffalo took a nap on our bed. Covers, sheets and blankets are strewn everywhere. Most of the time they are on the floor, but sometimes they actually do remain on the bed, albeit crumpled up in a ball or under a pillow. Nicole, you see, is always "freezing." In the winter, she usually wears slightly more clothes to bed, than Shackleton exploring Antarctica. She goes to bed with more layers than an apple turnover. She then proceeds to put every blanket we own on top of her as if we were sleeping outside in January.

In the snow.

Throughout the course of the night, while Freezy McIcicle is asleep, she gets "hot" (shocking, really, as she is wearing enough layers to essentially stop bullets) and throws the covers off her, one by one. I, on the other hand, do not like to go to sleep with a lot of blankets, but tend to get cold during the night, and grab them in my sleep. You can see the conflict. The cartoon below encapsulates some of the many many Blanket Wars we have had. Nicole is partial to the "Grab and Roll" (what I call "The Burrito") and the "Diagonal". Sometimes, the Full Fetal. I tend to do the Fold Over, and the Glacier. Then we awake, hours later, confused and bewildered, and most often, without any blankets.

Click to Enlarge

Can't wait for summer!

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