January 18, 2013

To Do Lists

Shep and I are big fans of to-do lists.  We have apartment to-do lists, life to-do lists, vacation to-do lists, hurricane prep to-do lists, and even weekend to-do lists.  For some reason, it seems more fun to spend our free time doing things we don't necessarily want to be doing when we get to check them off a piece of paper as we go.  {Wait a minute, that doesn't sound very fun at all.  We've been duped!}


Last weekend we accomplished a LOT.  We:
  • Wrote a letter to Visa customer service
  • Replaced chandelier bulbs
  • Took photos of defective/damaged items bought online for Christmas
  • Took down all our Christmas decorations and our tree  :(
  • Purchased 2 large bins to store additional Christmas decorations received this year (on clearance at Walmart = score!)
  • Visited our storage unit to put all decorations away and get humidifier out
  • Replaced our HVAC filters
  • Looked up some crock pot recipes
  • Researched (aka stared at pinterest for hours) chaise & settee chairs for fireplace area
  • Looked at some potential entertainment center units to replace our current one
  • Bought tea lights
  • Bought chalk
  • Took our car for oil change/check-up
  • Contacted our realtor to renew the lease for our old apartment
  • Applied some wood polish on some scratches on our wood floors (don't ask!)
  • Purchased a gift for an upcoming event
  • Did 4 loads of laundry (gulp!)
  • Returned some Christmas gift clothing + shoes that didn't fit
  • Laid down new rug purchased for fireplace area
  • Went on a dinner + movie date night!  :)
Phew!  What a busy weekend!  No wonder it flew by.  ;) 

Whatever we don't accomplish one weekend, gets moved to the list for the next weekend.  Hopefully one day our list will look like this:


Until then, a girl can dream!  ;)

Now it's your turn.  What's on YOUR to-do list?


  1. Finish a cup of coffee in one sitting. Do less than 7 loads of laundry and not get behind. Wash the floor more than 1x a week. Go to bed later than my 5 year olds.

    Wait a minute, is this a wish list or a to-do list? I envy your drive and enthusiasm. ! I love your list! Can you make me one, and check it off, too!?

  2. P.S. You are SO not newlyweds anymore, chicly!

  3. Jen, your list contains much more important items than mine does - namely, raising those twins! ...Though I would love it if you could stay awake later than your 5 year old kids. ;)

    And "Newlywed-ness" is a state of mind!

    Thanks for reading!