December 23, 2012

Oh what fun!

Do you know your elf name?  It's very simple to figure out:

Now how about a shiny new photo to go along with your brand new moniker!  Interested?  Elf Yourself!

For even more fun with elves, check out the present drop game over at Santa's Village:

I'm not big into video games myself, but this one was fun, even for an amateur like me!!

While you're at the North Pole, ask Santa to place a call (or email!) to someone on your "nice" list.  Who says fun and reindeer games are just for kids?!  ;)

And speaking of calls... if you can't be in the same geographical location as your loved ones for Christmas, why not hang out with them?  It's easy AND free!

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas from Buddy Monkey-Buns & Elvis Superplum!


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