April 16, 2013

Spring Is {Finally!} In The Air

Well, technically spring arrived a few weeks ago, but the only thing I've felt in the air thus far has been a chill.  I wore my down coat to work as late as yesterday, for crying out loud!  But, since the forecast predicts that the next few days will be in the 50s and 60s, I figured it was time to "officially" acknowledge spring by posting photos of our Easter and spring decorations -- better late than never!!

French Doors near Foyer

Console Table Behind Sofa

Decorative eggs make great fillers
in vases on our dining buffet!

Our Mantle - TaDa!

My favorite Easter decoration  :)
It took Shep a little while to spot the phone in the Easter basket, and when he did he asked if I'd gone crazy...  I giggled uncontrollably to myself as I was setting it up -- I thought I was sooooo clever.  :)

In terms of supplies, we already had the baskets, little yellow duckie, purple ceramic bunny and the plastic fake eggs from a couple years ago {#easterdecorstaples}; I bought the glittery "Happy Easter" sign from Christmas Tree Shops for $1 last year {why yes I do love a bargain!}; scooped up the "Happy Spring" mantle banner from Duane Reade for $2.99 {score!}; and splurged for the super cute white lambs and painted eggs for the vases from Pier 1 {this season}.  It certainly isn't the most elaborate Easter decoration collection, but it worked for us!

Anyone out there have photos to share of YOUR spring decor?  I'd love to see it!  :)

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