April 14, 2013

Sale Adjustments

I just made back $7 by making a 30 second phone call!  How?  Sale adjustment to the rescue!!!

'Caitlin' Chevron Knit Throw, Plum

It's just my luck that a blanket I bought on sale would get even further discounted not even 2 weeks after my purchase!  Well, it turns out that Nordstrom has a "Sale Adjustment" price policy {here} that saved the day!  I made a quick call to their Customer Service Line and was off the phone in less than a minute with $7 credited back to me.  Now that's what I call efficient customer service!  :)

The funny thing about great customer service is that it's a relatively inexpensive way for a company to encourage its customers to support the company, and increase sales!  For example, I just took a couple minutes to post a very positive product review online {which I don't often remember to do}, I'll definitely considering buying from Nordstrom again in the future, and now I'm telling my readers about my great experience... all because of a 30 second positive experience!  I guess it's true what they say: creating great customer experiences is the best kind of marketing strategy!

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