August 28, 2012

AmEx gift card alert!

Disclaimer:  I have not tested or verified this offer myself, nor am I receiving any financial or other award for sharing this offer.  I'm merely passing on a tip I just saw at one of my favorite blogs, 20somethingfinance.

American Express is currently running a promotion whereby if you order and load at least $200 onto a new American Express pre-paid card before this Friday 8/31, you will receive a bonus $25 gift card.  For more details, click here.

I have received AmEx prepaid cards in the past as gifts or as the form of payment for various product rebate offers, and I can tell you they are as easy to use as a regular credit/debit card.  If you don't mind going through the steps of loading up an AmEx prepaid card with $200 from your bank account, then this sounds like a pretty simple way to score a free $25 AmEx gift card.  But remember, as always, to read the fine print when signing up to ensure there are no sneaky fees involved!  It doesn't appear as if there are any tricks behind this offer, but you can never be too careful!

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