February 6, 2013

Twin Sets

According to Mel and Joe Schwanke, who have been married for well over 60 years, wearing matching outfits is one path to happy matrimony...

Well, I'm not one to question my elders, and I will certainly take any marriage advice I can get from a pair who's lasted so long together in love!

Shep and I actually became interested in what we call "twin sets" a few years back.  I'm not sure what exactly ignited the intrigue, but I do remember us toying with the idea of buying matching Hawaiian outfits while we were on our honeymoon.

We didn't end up buying the matching floral dress and shirt because they were a little on the pricey side and we figured we wouldn't have the occasion to where them once we left Hawaii.  (They're not exactly what we'd consider NYC office-appropriate clothing, unfortunately...)  But, we did notice during our short flight from Big Island to Kauai that our outfits were complimentary -- Shep was wearing a solid salmon-colored tee with khaki shorts, and I was wearing a brown and white flowered top with salmon at the center of each flower and khaki shorts -- and that happy accident definitely created smiles on our faces.

Ever since our honeymoon, we constantly joke about wearing twin sets.  Whenever we end up wearing the same color shirt, or see pairs of people out and about who are dressed similarly to one another, we giggle and simultaneously exclaim "TWIN SET"!  It's become something of a running joke actually -- twin sets, especially on adults, make us simply giddy!

So you can imagine our surprise when on Christmas morning we opened a gift from my mother-in-law that contained....

A TWIN SET!  We couldn't stop giggling.  Once we did, we took a photo to document our coordinating apparel.  We now officially own an actual twin set.  Cross that one off the bucket list!

So, tell me -- do any readers out there like to coordinate their outfits with their significant others?  There have to be other twin set lovers out there, right?!  :)

P.S. -- Read more about Mr. and Mrs. Schwanke here.

* I'm aware that the phrase twin set is typically used to describe a matching tank and cardigan sweater set for a woman, but we've adopted this alternate definition.  :)

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  1. Uncle Chick and I have matching........UVA t-shirts!! :-)