November 5, 2012

Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day!


Once the waters that invaded our city as a result of Hurricane Sandy subsided and we were able to evacuate our apartment safely, one of the remaining concerns Shep and I had was where and how we would vote.  Our apartment was slated to be a polling site for this year's election, but as of Thursday was still without power.  During a press conference we attended at our local City Hall that afternoon, residents without electricity asked our Mayor how our city was going to be able to vote.  Unfortunately at that time, the Mayor had no answers.  I briefly wondered what would happen if the power wasn't restored and they couldn't develop an alternate plan in time.  After all, due to the destruction Sandy caused, our local, state and federal governments were preoccupied with keeping residents alive, healthy, warm and fed.  Thankfully, by Saturday, arrangements had been made and we were confident we'd have the chance to vote -- we received messages from our state senator's office informing us that arrangements were made for paper ballots to be cast early at County Clerk’s office during the weekend and that displaced residents would have the opportunity to vote electronically.  Luckily for us, power has been restored to our apartment building and we will vote as we normally would, tomorrow morning on our way to work.

Voting is a right, but it's also a privilege.  This year, I was reminded how lucky I am to have the right to vote and I am so relieved and excited to exercise that right tomorrow!  I urge all registered voters to please, please, please get out there tomorrow and exercise your right to vote.  I know voting is going to be difficult for some people.  Some of our neighbors and friends are still suffering and devastated from the storm.  But if at all possible, please take the time to cast your vote at the polls.

On this Google site, you can type in your home address to find your polling place, ballot information, links to candidates' social media sites, and voting rules and requirements:

You can also check your state voting information website.  Click here for the New York state site and click here for the New Jersey site.

And if you live in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota or Washington, please vote for equality!

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