May 6, 2012

Green Thumb

Spring is in the air and the warm sunny weather had us wanting to add some new greenery to our home, inside and out!  I'm not a great plant caretaker - I sadly once all but killed a coworker's prized plant when he left it with me for several months while he was overseas.  I swore it was the lack of light at my desk but it might have been the sparkling water I was using because the little thing perked right back up soon after I passed it on to another colleague who sat right near me.  In the spirit of "getting back on the horse", I decided to try my hand at plants again.

I got this little parsley plant from my company for Earth Day.  It definitely looks less green now than it does the day I brought it home (boo!), but it's also grown a lot since then (yay!) so I guess I'm not doing that bad  of a job with it...

This is a really cute boot pot we received for our engagement party several years ago (thanks Aunt Beth, Uncle Chick & Maggie!)... now it finally has some fresh dirt and a houseplant in it!

The boot also came with a matching watering can!  We had these cheery items out for display in our old apartment (sans the plant inside) so it's fun to finally see the boot actually fulfilling its plant-holder destiny in our new apartment.  :)  I just love this set, and it looks great on our built-in shelves near the dining room table and balcony door!

But that's not all!  We also planted some marigolds outside in the baskets attached to our balcony:

According to the flower expert: "Marigolds can grow in full sun to partial-shade, but it is preferable to plant them in sunny locations as shading may have an adverse effect on flowering.".  We get very bright morning light, which turns to shade during the latter part of the afternoon as the sun settles behind our building.  Hopefully the morning and early afternoon sun will be enough to keep these little buds blooming!

There you have it... our new little green friends.  Wish us luck keeping them alive and growing!  ;)

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