November 3, 2013

Happy November!

Sorry I've been MIA on the blog lately.... we've both been pretty busy, working late during the week and doing grown-up chores on the weekends!  You know: buying curtains, returning said curtains, putting summer clothes away for the season {wah!!!}, unpacking our cozy winter sweaters and pajamas, and the like.  As I type this, Shep's at our good old storage unit putting away our Halloween decorations for another year, and retrieving our big suitcases.  That suitcase one is a fun chore though, because... we're going to London later this month!  I've never been and can't wait!  It should be a fun trip... I hope the weather cooperates and it's not too cold or too rainy!

Speaking of rain... here's an instagram photo I took on Friday that I so very creatively entitled "November Rain".  Get it?  I crack myself up!

Well, back to chores I go!  I still have to finish some laundry and iron our autumn tablecloth.  Then, we'll wrap up the weekend watching Homeland and The Good Wife!  {You gotta have something to look forward to after doing chores all weekend, after all!}

I hope everyone enjoyed the extra hour of sleep today... I know I sure did!  In fact, I may have enjoyed an extra two hours, but who's counting?!

Happy November!!!

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