July 11, 2013


I shot a 60 at golf this week!  One minor detail... it was mini golf.  :)  I began with a couple of hole-in-2s {is that a thing? it is now!} but things went south very quickly.  I even lost my ball in a shrub during the game!

There was ONE almost-magic moment during my game where I ALMOST got a hole in one.  It was close.  Really close.

So Close Yet So Far Away...

the blue ball is mine!
Oh well, I may have tied for last place but at least I had fun!  And, I learned that there is a mini golf course in downtown Manhattan, which I never knew before!  It's right near the river so there were some very nice breezes, which definitely helped since the humidity was out of control as usual.

So tell me, what's your best mini golf score??

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