February 10, 2012

HomeGoods Manhattan

I heart HomeGoods.  As the name implies, they sell "home goods", but at lower-than-typical-retail prices which a bargain hunter like me can't help but appreciate!  The neat thing about HomeGoods is that the inventory changes frequently, and varies from store to store, so you never know what you're going to find!  Like its affiliate stores T.J. Maxx & Marshall's, the inventory at HomeGoods can be hit or miss, so you never know whether you'll strike the big time or come home empty-handed, which is part of the fun of it.  ;)

Last year, a new HomeGoods location opened in Manhattan's Upper West Side (right around the corner from my old apartment in fact!) that I'd been curious to check out so when I read that Apartment Therapy's Maxwell was going to make an appearance in late January, I decided that was a good of a time as any to go.

The store is gorgeous.  It's huge and new and really well-stocked with throw pillows, wall art, mirrors, lamps, cook books, bake ware, pots, pans, bathroom accessories, furniture, rugs... you name it!  Ahhhhh, if only this mecca was in the 'hood when I lived there...


As luck would have it (I typically have the worst luck ever so this was super exciting for me!), I was one of the first 25 people to respond for the event, which earned me a free autographed copy of Maxwell's book!


Maxwell's presentation was informative and interesting -- he gave helpful and budget-friendly tidbits specifically applicable tor smaller-sized home (a.k.a. apartments) and even took questions from the audience!    For example, using a larger area rug or accent furniture in smaller spaces is better than keeping everything on the small side (which makes the room feel even smaller than it really is).  The use of mirrors to add depth and open up the space in a room is an oldie but goodie trick as well.  Finally, creating an artificial "divide" such as an island between an otherwise combined kitchen and living area help gives definition to each space, although adding to the "footprint" of a small space might be counter intuitive to some.  I haven't had the chance to read the book yet, but I'll definitely share any other great insights when I do!

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  1. I heart Homegoods more than you!! :) Sounds fun... wish I could have gone, too!