September 15, 2011

We Closed...Barely

So we got up this morning to do the walk through and Nicole was not feeling well. And by not feeling well I mean one step away from the black plague. Yes, wifey was very ill: fever, vomiting, the chills, you name it! But the show must go on so I did the walk through alone while she rested on the couch (and texted me a few times: "do you want me to come?" "i think I can walk" "can you get me some morphine?"). The walk through was fairly uneventful...seller was supposed to caulk some small cracks in the ceiling of the second bedroom, but "wasn't sure what you meant" so he didn't do it. I literally dragged wifey to the closing at 3:30...she was barely hanging on but managed to sign all of the papers and then go home and collapse on the couch for 14 hours. Suffice it to say, we closed and have a new apartment. Now we just need some medicine for my better half.

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