August 4, 2011

New Apt Inspection

Jim Leedham from Indago Inspections performed the home inspection on the new apartment today.  The inspection lasted a little over 2 hours because he was very thorough.  He checked all of the electric sockets, light switches, HVAC units and vents, faucets, smoke detectors, ceilings and walls, doors, balconies, etc.  There were a bunch of items that need to be included in the report and addressed by the seller before we can move forward, but overall there didn't seem to be anything irreparable (fingers crossed!).

While at the home inspection, we also FINALLY heard that the appraisal came back (and looked good), so our mortgage application is in progress.  We've been waiting for word on the appraisal since last Monday, so we've been stressing about it a bunch, and are relieved to finally have an answer.

This whole real estate purchase process is quite stressful!

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